Interview for the Spicy Noodle Challenge


I interviewed Alivia Siscaretii and Mr. Miller, the creators of the spicy noodle challenge. This is what they had to say.

[Why did you come up with this challenge?]
I thought the school needed more energy and excitement. More school spirit. No one does spirit week; competitions always get people riled up, especially when you give them something to compete for. I don’t think spirit week is enough, we don’t need spirit week every month. We need more shared experiences people can relate to, recall, and remember. That will promote school unity. If this goes well, I will try to make more games for people to compete for. Of course following COVID we will pick challenges that will fall under Covid-19 regulations. -Alivia
If this goes well, we will be able to do greater things in the future that are less depressing and bring more school spirit. -Miller

[Is this even legal?]
Why wouldn’t it be? We got everyone to sign up to agree to what they are doing. It got somewhat approved by the board. The school knows it’s happening. -Alivia

[Will milk be provided?]
Yes. were getting it from the lunch ladies someway or somehow. -Alivia
Might make it cost 50 cents… I’m just joking. It’s free. -Miller

[If students want, can they ask for more hot sauce?]
I’m gonna say no, it should be an even playing field for everyone. -Alivia
Also more hot sauce might kill someone and that is a lot of paperwork. -Miller