2018-2019 Staff

Jalen Knight

Staff Writer

Senior Jalen Knight is a varsity player on Centennial High School’s baseball team and has participated in Key Club. After graduating from high school, Jalen hopes to become an electrical engineer and baseball player....

Meera Forespring

Staff Writer

Meera Forespring is currently a sophomore at CHS and this is their first year in the CHS Talon.  They are an active member of the LGBTQ+ community and a lover of all things geek/nerd related. Their hobbies include cosplay, act...

Jilene Jensen

Staff Writer

This is Jilene’s first year on The Talon, but her second year being involved in journalism. She is an advocate for both pets and wildlife and has worked with animals in many capacities including learning their personalities, l...

Vincent Gray

Staff Writer

Vincent Gray, 16, is a sophomore, and is in his second year of journalism. In his free time he can be found drawing, painting, writing, cooking, listening to music, sewing, spending time with a friend, or consumed in some qui...

Marissa Q. Bennett

Staff Writer

Marissa Q. Bennett is a freshman at Centennial High School and intends to finish her education through to college. She hasn't quite figured that part out, but Cambridge is the hopeless dream. She hopes to publish her first nove...

Aaron Valentine

Staff Writer

Sophomore Aaron Valentine is a beginner to journalism. He enjoys exercise, comic books, hanging with friends and aspires to be a photographer.

Terra Williams

Staff Writer

Terra Williams is a junior who is 16 and this is her first year of advanced journalism. She’s a very energetic person who likes to draw and listen to music. She would like to continue using the skills she learns in journalism...

Nathyn Caro

Staff Writer

Nathyn Caro is a sophomore. He joined journalism as a freshman and joined the publication staff this year. He plays basketball and is very serious about journalism.

Angeles Villanueva

Staff Writer

Angeles Villanueva, 14, is a freshman at CHS. She loves to read, and has a interest in going to college. Angeles’ ultimate plan is to become an Immigration lawyer. She is a perfectionist and tries really hard on all her work....

Christa Pierik


This is junior Christa Pierik’s first year in journalism. Other than journalism, Christa is a part of CHS’s Hi-C dance team, girls tennis team, Concert Choir, C-notes, a member of community 101, and NHS. She is currently ...

Milana Oliphant


Milana Oliphant is a sophomore. This is her first year as a writer for the for The Talon.  She is on the girls rugby club at Centennial and also plays basketball for the high school. In her free time, she likes to go hiking an...

Benjamin Lunceford


Benjamin Lunceford is a junior in his first year of journalism. He plays baseball, and has a passion for all sports. Outside of school, he enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and family. He also has a passion for photo...

Daniella Young


Daniella Young, 17, is a senior and is excited about her second year of advanced journalism. She took Beginning Journalism her freshman year, and loved it, so she decided to take the advanced class. When she’s not writing storie...