2019-2020 Staff

Christa Pierik


This is senior Christa Pierik’s second year in journalism. Other than journalism, Christa is a part of CHS’s Hi-C dance team, girls tennis team, Concert Choir, C-notes, a member of Community 101, and NHS. She is currently ...

Benjamin Lunceford


Benjamin Lunceford is a senior in his second year of journalism. Lunceford is also a staff member in yearbook. He plays baseball, and has a passion for all sports. Outside of school, he enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and ...

Mauricio Lemus-Vargas

Staff Writer

Junior Mauricio Lemus-Vargas is a second-year newspaper member.   In his spare time Mauricio enjoys buying/ selling shoes, watching and playing soccer as well as watching basketball.   

Kira Harmon

Staff Writer

Kira Harmon is a first year staff member on the newspaper, outside of that she is a varsity cheerleader. After high school, she plans on going to OSU for medical training and becoming an ER nurse.

Jared Arenas

Staff Writer

Jared Arenas is a sophomore here at Centennial High School. This is his first year writing for The Talon, and he really enjoys it so far. He enjoys writing, giving people the current news, and finding out people’s opinions on cert...

Alexi Howard

Staff Writer

Alexi Howard is a varsity soccer player through Centennial High School, and has been in journalism for 2 years. She started her freshman year and is interested in talking to numerous people throughout the school and meeting new peop...

Beatrice Byrd

Staff Writer

Beatrice Byrd is a junior at CHS. She took beginning journalism last year, and this is her first year writing for the Talon. In her free time, she likes playing music and petting her cats. She is also involved in the Centennial...

Ashlee Jeanmarie

Staff Writer

Ashlee Jeanmarie is a sophomore at CHS. Last year she did beginning journalism and this year she’s writing for the Talon. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and she’s also involved in hi...

Madison Sternoff

Staff Writer

Madison Sternoff is a junior at Centennial High School.  It is her first year on the Talon. She loves to write which is what brought her to decide to join.  She plays Softball for the high school and has played it for most of h...

Venessa Kuchenik

Staff Writer

Venessa Kuchenik is a junior at CHS.  This is her first year in journalism and is excited to be a part of the Talon team.  In her free time, Venessa enjoys painting and making her usual batch of mouth-watering chocolate chi...

Chelsea Hartung

Staff Writer

Chelsea Hartung is a junior here at CHS. This will be her second year writing for the Talon. Outside of school Chelsea likes to go on runs to stay in shape for Rugby season. When she graduates she hopes to go to Arizona State an...

Jilene Jensen

Staff Writer

Jilene Jensen has been in journalism for two years. She wants to advocate for those you can’t advocate for themselves, that includes animals and the environment. Starting with a wildlife conservation program from the Portland Audub...

Vincent deParrie-Gray

Staff Writer

Vincent deParrie-Gray, 17, is a senior in his third year in journalism. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family and friends, spoiling his dog, and painting and drawing or another creative endeavors. After high school he...

Marissa Bennett

Staff Writer

Marissa Bennett is a sophomore at CHS. While she  has been doing journalism for two years, she enjoys many different styles of writing as well. Outside of journalism, Marissa is a part of the Speech and Debate team, and is a frequ...

Aaron Valentine

Staff Writer

Aaron Valentine is a junior Journalist and photographer in the CHS Talon. He likes nerdy things, is a goofball, and wants to be a photographer.

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