2017-2018 Staff

Pema Khandro

Staff Writer

Pema Khandro is a sophomore writer for the Talon. She transferred from David Douglas High School, where she took a Journalism class and is currently enjoying the experience at Centennial. When she’s not on school grounds, she take...

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Sonam Phuntsok

Staff Writer

Senior Sonam Phuntsok is a second year journalist for The Talon. He is a big sports enthusiast , and especially likes basketball.  Phuntsok enjoys spending time with friends and family but basketball is always on his mind.  He als...

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Wendy Wrobel

Editor and Potographer

Senior Wendy Wrobel is a second year photographer through Centennial High School. She is a varsity fourth year swimmer, and loves to accept new challenges as they come. She involves herself with several extra curricular activities,...

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Emilee Pease

Staff Writer

Emilee Pease is a sophomore and this is her first year on staff. Outside of journalism she is the co-captain of the girls golf team because it “involves no running” and was the mascot her freshman year. She enjoys music, reading...

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Adnan Agic

Staff Writer

Adnan Agic is a senior at Centennial High School and this is his first year being involved with The Talon. Agic is very involved with sports outside of school and has also played on the basketball team here at Centennial. He joined...

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Ava Fischer

Staff Writer

This is sophomore Ava Fischer’s first year in journalism.  Outside of school, Fischer loves to read and eat Thai food.  She founded the girls golf team and is currently the team captain.  She has been doing dance for 13 yea...

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Cameron Chin

Staff Writer

Senior Cameron Chin is a hardworking student that makes sure everything is done before he takes his free time. Chin enjoys spending time with his friends and his family and loves to play basketball. He also love listening to music;...

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David Kunda

Staff Writer

Senior David Kunda is a second-year writer for The Talon. He is also a varsity basketball player. Kunda likes to spend time with family as well as travel. He plans on completing four years or more of college and one day becoming...

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Baseem Saad

Staff Writer

Baseem Saad is a senior and this is his second year being involved in with The Talon. Saad is very involved athletically but not all of the sports he plays are school related. He joined the paper because, “I wanted to experience...

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Ajla Salkic

Staff Writer

Ajla Salkic, 17, is a senior entering the third year of being in journalism.  She took Beginning Journalism with Stacy Vanderpool two years ago, and enjoyed having that class. Therefore, she decided to take advanced Journalism las...

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Daniella Young

Staff Writer

Daniella Young, 16, is a junior and enjoying her first year of advanced journalism. She took Beginning Journalism her freshman year, and loved it, so she decided to take the advanced class. When she’s not writing stories, sh...

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Jessica Villalobos

Staff Writer and Editor

Jessica Villalobos, 16, is a junior and it’s her second year being a writer for the Talon and taking pictures for yearbook. She is the President for MEChA and is enjoys being active in her free time. Jessica enjoys playing so...

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Olivia Harms

Staff Writer and Editior

Olivia Harms, 16, is a junior, and this is her second year on staff.  In addition to a staff writer she is also the feature story editor.  Other than journalism, Harms is a swimmer, tennis player, skier, National Ski Patrol volu...

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Eli Porterfield

Sports Editor

Eli Porterfield is a senior that is contributing his second year to the Advanced Journalism team. Porterfield is also involved with the basketball program, he spends a lot of his time around basketball and was a member of the JV bask...

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