Athletes Flock to Zero Period

Athletes Flock to Zero Period

This year, due to the half hour later start, Kevin Christie is teaching a zero period class of weight lifting. 

The course was proposed to administration last year and it was granted a semester course. According to Christie, it has been going well. “Attendance is good,” Christie said. “There is no difference between attendance at zero period and attendance for regular class.” 

The turn out for this zero period is the same as it is for the other periods of school.

This class is focused towards athletes at CHS. Christie said it was started for athletes who wanted to lift, but didn’t have the time due to other obligations. 

Christie stated, “It’s a more athlete-centered class than strength and conditioning. Regular strength and conditioning kids aren’t as dedicated.”

As far as the continuation of this class next semester, it is up to administration. 

Looking at the turnout and the positive results, Christie and students are hopeful that the zero period will be carried on another semester for the athletes who are busy because of other athletic commitments.

Christie is happy with the results and hopes to see this class continued into next semester.

For more information about this weight lifting period, see Christie.