A Trip into Aaron’s High School Experience

Four years of high school and it’s over just like that. See, you start freshman year either one wanting to be there or two not wanting to be there but you see, what everyone will soon find out is time flies and regardless of how you feel you’re going to be a senior and miss it all. I myself am gonna miss it, but also not. Lots of things happened in my four  years of high school and I mean I’m going to cherish it all.


 From crazy friend stories to wacky freshman dances and football games to all the track and field meets and bus rides and all the long amazing walks around the halls laughing, smiling, snacking on vending machine snacks and goldfish and jamming out to music. I’m even gonna miss all the times I tried to keep my hood up or leave my hat on because of a crazy hair day.


 Yes. I’m also gonna always remember a global pandemic where my whole senior year was online. 


So my four years were not sunshine and daisies but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. There are so many memories and things I will never forget. I met so many amazing people and teachers who I will always remember more especially my teacher Jeff Stanek, who I will remember because he laughed at my cheesy jokes for so long. 


All four years went by so fast. My advice for anyone who’s coming to high school cherish  every moment, don’t take everything so seriously, relax a little, take a breath and step out of your comfort zone. Meet people, go to school events, and definitely study because it does matter.