Coping with Homework

Coping with Homework


That word almost certainly made you feel some kind of strong emotion. Whether that is because you groaned in disgust, or because you’re tired of hearing people complaining about it. 

Most of us already know the facts; homework is a regular part of student life.  While you can debate all day about whether or not it is good or bad, at the end of the day it is still going to be there. At least, for now. So how does one stay on top of all of this extra work? 

The answer is not as nice sounding as it could be, but it is a simple truth. Actually do it. And get it done as soon as possible. 

When I say as soon as possible, I mean as soon as possible. Walk down the hallways with GoogleClassroom open, flip open a textbook during passing or lunch. Notice how when you get home everything is magically completed. 

Our lives are filled with so much white space that we tend to take for granted. As appealing as filling all of this relaxing time with work, it’s almost necessary at this point. 

I won’t overlook the fact that a large percentage of the school has a busy schedule. I won’t call anyone out on having bad time management or making poor decisions. As a student who was part of three clubs freshman year, I know how quickly time gets stolen away. 

So sometimes it is necessary to use this practice. It is really easy to get behind on extra assignments, which can make life even more difficult, and then there’s nothing you can do about it until the semester ends. It’s also really easy to underestimate how much homework assignments can affect your grade. That 10-20% can really make a difference if you’re in between grades. 

As much as homework can be a pain, it’s here to stay. 

The best we can do is cope with it by getting it done.