50 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mental Health

50 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mental Health

Marissa Bennett (50 Things you can do for your mental health)


This is a list for all people who may feel a little burned out/unhappy. None of these are unnecessary or harmful in any sort of way, and you do not have to be in dire condition to use any of these. Feel free to print out this list and cut each out. Pick one out a day and take it as a challenge!

Remember that it is important to take care of yourself, and that you deserve to treat yourself with respect and love.

However, while doing these small things can increase your happiness and mental health, there is only so much that being kind to yourself to do, and I am no expert on mental disorders or family problems. Remember, you are loved, and you are certainly not alone.


  1. Acknowledge how far you’ve come. (Whether that’s within the last week or the last year.)
  2. Ask for help with something you’re struggling with!
  3. Ask some good friends what they love about you! If that’s too much, ask them to recall their favorite story involving you.
  4. Be your best friend for the day. There’s no harm in being kind to yourself.
  5. Buy yourself something just because!
  6. Choose who you want to spend your time with today. Be with people who make you feel good!
  7. Clean out your social media (get rid of the people that make you unhappy).
  8. Clean your room!
  9. Complement yourself today, even if it’s something small like turning an assignment in on time or the color of your hair.
  10. Compliment someone! Those things spread.
  11. Do a thing today just because it makes you happy
  12. Do something childish!
  13. Do your skincare routine.
  14. Don’t read any news articles.
  15. Drink water!!!
  16. Eat healthy! Find something healthy that your enjoy and treat yourself!
  17. Exercise your right to say no. Sometimes what you need is more important.
  18. Exercise! (Even if it’s just a long walk)
  19. Forgive someone who wronged you.
  20. Get out of your comfort zone!
  21. Get outside!
  22. Get some sleep! (Or at least give yourself some time to relax in bed)
  23. Get some sun!
  24. Go cloud watching.
  25. Go up and down the stairs three at a time just because!
  26. Have a good laugh! Watch your favorite vine compilation.
  27. Have an at-home spa day!
  28. Have an impromptu dance party
  29. Help someone with something just because you can.
  30. Look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate your reflection. It’s not perfect but neither is anything else. You deserve it.
  31. Make a list of all the good things in your life; all the things you’re thankful for.
  32. Meditate for a little bit. (Let yourself be alone with your thoughts)
  33. Join a sport or club. (Make new friends)
  34. Pick up three things in your room to declutter.
  35. Point out 5 unexpected pretty things on your way to school!
  36. Remember to take deep breaths.
  37. Schedule a self care time and protect it with your life!
  38. Sing in the shower/the privacy of your room.
  39. Spend a night getting caught up on schoolwork.
  40. Spend an hour doing something just for you! (Go to the library, read a book, go on a walk, ect)
  41. Stroke a pet! (Even if you have to go to a park to do so)
  42. Start a day planner! (Organize your thoughts)
  43. Start documenting nice things that people say about you. (You can look at this later when you need a pick-me-up)
  44. Do yoga!
  45. Take a 20 minute nap!
  46. Take a long, bubble bath.
  47. Take a trip! (Even if it’s going into the city to sight-see)
  48. Wear your favorite outfit today.
  49. Wear your favorite perfume or take a deep inhale of your favorite tea. Smells can be relaxing!
  50. Write out your thoughts about anything that may be bothering you.