First Semester Results Show Team Success


Last semester was the first time Centennial got to see freshman teaming in action. The results are shocking.  There is a total of 434 students in the Freshman class; 91.94% of these students (399 CHS Freshman) are on track to graduate. 8.06% (35 CHS Freshman) are off track.  Being on track means to have the good grades, and the good GPA to be ready to graduate. Being on track is important because its harder to catch up on time to g=be ready to graduate.

These students are divided into four teams. The Golden Eagles, Harpy Eagles, Bald Eagles, and Imperial Eagles. These are not actual teams that play sports, these teams are only here to help the freshman. Many of the students on the team don’t even know that they are on a team until they start to fall behind.

“I think the teams are working. I mean there’s a significant change between the number of freshmen that are on track this year and the number of freshman who were on track last year and teaming is a big part of that. Yes there’s some things that we have to change and fix but other than that teaming may be the answer,” says Anne Haverkamp, the Instructional Coach here at Centennial.

Looking at the data from the terms the Golden Eagles has an on track total of 90.83%. The Harpy Eagles has a ton track total of 95.50%, the Bald Eagles with 91.26% of student on track, and lastly the Imperial Eagles with 90.09% of students on track.

With the students who are off track the teachers who are apart of the teaming system have an extra prep period where they meet with other teachers who are also apart of the teaming system. They talk and go over some of the students who are struggling and they find different ways to help those students get on track. The teachers also meet with the student and they talk and try to come up with ways to lift their grade(s).

Overall, the teaming system seems to be working. As Haverkamp said, there are some kinks that need to be worked out, but this system is helping the students and it’s even helping the teachers. Once the teachers see what the students are struggling with they can work that into their teaching and possibly help other students in the class.

This data shows that the teaming system is helping students, teachers, and administrators help make Centennial High a better school.