SADD Open to Juniors and Seniors; Applications Due Tomorrow



Applications are now open to juniors and seniors and are due Thursday, April 4.

Daniella Young, Editor-in-Chief

SADD is an acronym for Students Against Destructive Decisions, and it is an event in which students can participate.

SADD will take place on April 11 and 12. On the first day, student participants will be pulled out of class and will be wearing special shirts around the school to symbolize their involvement. They will also stay at a hotel later on in the day, where they will have no communication at all with family or friends, as part of their participation.

“For the participants, they will get experience being separated from families and friends,” said Activities Director Jimmy Mei.

Although there won’t be a mock car crash this year, there will be a table set up in front of the cafeteria on April 11 during lunches where students can write letters to the participants.

On the second day, there will be a junior and senior only assembly. At the assembly, there will be guest speakers who will share their own special experiences.

“I’ve heard their stories and it’s very impactful,” said Mei.

In the past, applications were limited to seniors. However, due to declining applicant rates, applications are now open to juniors as well.

Mei also wants to communicate the importance of SADD by taking the seriousness of the topic into consideration.

“People should be be aware that people have different ways of coping. Some people react differently,” said Mei.

“We want nonparticipants to be respectful,” he said.

Applications to participate are due Thursday, April 4 in the student council room, room 176. For more information, see Mei.