Design What?


Shelby Hemmer

Kari Raeburn (Far right) works with several students in her design class. She started teaching it first and second period this semester.

There’s a new class this semester and it’s the Design What taught by Kari Raeburn. She recently started teaching it first and second period this semester.

“I went to a training class at OMSI and I really liked that it was hands on and not really the sit and get some do some worksheets type of thing,” said Raeburn “It seems more practical and useful in the real world.”

Raeburn also said that the students are sometimes confused about the expectations when they first walk in.

She explained, “…when they realize that they get creative license to make whatever they wanna make they just seem to take to it and they take their project ideas and run with it.”

Raeburn is not sure if she’ll be the one teaching the design class next year. It’s always a slow class to start because the kids don’t know what to expect, according to Raeburn.

“I’m kinda excited to see what these kids are going to make. They have some great ideas,” Raeburn explained.

It’s always fun and exciting to try new things and this class is one way to start that.