Spring Sports Deadline Approaches

If you are interested in any Spring sports which include Softball, Baseball, Track & Field, Tennis, and Golf, sign ups are now open.

This is how it works if you are new or have never signed up for any sports. Go to https://www.rankonesport.com/content/ click “Parent/Students fill out Electronic Forms” on the top of your screen in bright yellow.

“Please select the state your school district is in” and you would pick (OR).

Once you have done that, click on Centennial School District.  After you do that you will see a “Start Online Forms” click on that and fill out the rest of your personal information.

Deadline is February 25 and you must be cleared by February 22.  

Payments are 160 dollars, if you have reduced lunch it’s 80 dollars and if you have free lunch there is no payment.