Fall Is My Favorite Time Of The Year

Fall Is My Favorite Time Of The Year

Fall is one of the best times of year because kids go back to school, and it’s the perfect for cozy times with friends, family, and endless types of ¨fall¨ foods from all different cultures.

For the Hispanics you get tamales (corn dough with filing of chicken and sauce), Mole (chocolate sauce with spices over chicken and rice), pan con chocolate (sweet bread with hot chocolate).  These are just a few of my favorites.

Then you have Halloween and Thanksgiving, and these two holidays you can never go wrong with.  On Halloween you get to dress up like any of your favorite characters and get out of your comfort zone without it being weird and of course you get lots of candy.

Jennifer Lopez Gonzalez.

Then on Thanksgiving you get eat a bunch of food, which is always something to smile about. You get to eat turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and my favorite, pumpkin pie topped with whip cream!

In fall, it’s one of the best times to change your style. I love layering my clothes, and wearing sweaters or hoodies; pairing them with cute jewelry and a nice pair of boots.

Or you can just rock sweats and a old baggy T-Shirt and it will look super cozy. In the spring and summer, it’s too hot to wear sweaters or sweats and for winter, you have to just wear a blanket because it’s super cold. Fall is the perfect temperature for any clothing.

Lastly, fall has the perfect weather. Well in Oregon, fall has been pretty sunny with a handle full of rain, which to me is perfect. It has been in the 70’s and that is the perfect temperature to be able to go outside and feel comfortable. It’s not too hot where you’re sweaty but it also isn’t too cold to the point that you’re shaking. Occasionally, you’ll feel a light breeze while the sun is shining through.