Nurse Milligan Joins School Staff


Gerry Milligan works at his desk. Milligan has enjoyed his time here so far.

Gerry Milligan is the new school nurse at Centennial High School. At the age of 76 years old he has retired from two careers.

“I enjoy what I do.” Milligan said.

The first job he had he was 32 years in medical in the Middle East. The second one he was a Professor of nursing at Oklahoma Baptist University.

At the age of 71 he moved to Portland Oregon because there were too many tornadoes in Oklahoma. He moved somewhere that didn’t have any tornadoes, he said.

“I love Portland” Milligan stated.

Milligan wanted to institute a more triage in emergencies. To let everyone know what was going on in the hospital instead of just the main doctors.

In the Middle East he delivered so many children he could qualify as a midwife, he said. Even though he doesn’t want to be a midwife.

After all those years of hard work he now works as a school nurse. Centennial High School is now his seventh school.

The best advice he ever received was from his son. Whoever walks through the door treat them like they’re sick, even if their not; It makes your job easier and more affective, he said.