Mchone Shines Among State’s Best


S Vawter

Junior Madison McHone

Junior Madison McHone is one of the premier athletes at Centennial and has been a standout athlete since her freshman year.

As a freshman she participated in varsity basketball and track and also played volleyball. Her sophomore year she started participating in cross country as well “to help improve for track.”

McHone is the “best” at track, but enjoys playing basketball the most. She said, “I like track because I’m the best at it, but basketball is my favorite. I wish I was as good at basketball as I am track.”

Last year at the state track meet McHone placed in the top 8 in three events:  High Jump (5’2–4th place), 300m Hurdles (5th) and 100 Hurdles (4th).

While she’s enjoyed all her years, she stated “This year has definitely been my favorite year.”

She’s compiled many awards over her career. For track, she’s scored the most points overall in meets this year, and has placed first in nearly all her events in nearly all her meets. In basketball she was given the best defensive player award. In cross country, she earned the most inspirational award.

In track, she competes in the 300m hurdles, high jump, and 100m hurdles. Her records in the events are: 300m hurdles 45.84 seconds, the 100m hurdles 14.98 seconds, and the high jump 5’4.

McHone wants to go to Oregon State for track. She said “Coach (Greg) Letts has been helping with getting interest from OSU.” Additionally, McHone has received lots of interest from junior colleges for track.

With State quickly approaching, McHone has high goals. She stated, “I expect to finish second in State.”  Next, she’s aiming to get in the low 45 second range for the 300m hurdles.

Currently, she is in the top 10 in school history for her events. Before she graduates she wants to break the school records for hurdle events. Right now, she said she’s “somewhat close to breaking them.”