Students Receive 13 Tickets To Graduation This Year


Cameron Chin, Staff Writer

Graduation is just around the corner. The big question everyone has been asking is how many tickets will each person receive. The answer is going to make a lot of students happy:  Each student will receive 13 tickets.

If anyone needs more tickets, they need to fill out a ticket request form and turn it into Tami Burton by Friday, May 4 at 3 pm.

Graduation will be held at Memorial Coliseum on Wednesday, June 13 at 7pm. Everyone who goes to graduation needs a ticket, including toddlers.

Every student also must ride the bus to graduation.

Before students leave for graduation practice, everyone will meet at the football stadium at 8:45 am for a senior picture, then departure to graduation practice.   

Buses will get back from practice between 12:30-1pm.