First Black History Assembly Fills Gym

Rebecca Johnson, Staff Writer

Centennial’s first-ever Black History Assembly took place this morning in a fairly packed gym.  The first part of the assembly, the choir sang the Black National Anthem.

Students from REAP gave a backstory of what Black History Month actually is and how it was started, and students read poetry before the introduction of the guest speaker, Mark Jackson. Jackson explained Black History Month more in depth and what we can do to make a difference in continuing to grow as a community.

When Jackson was done, students were informed that there is the Black Student Union that was created this year by a student, Honey Sebeh, that wanted to make a difference in the school.

There was then a dance performed by two students called a step dance, this dance was preformed in colleges that black students attended.

Near the end of the assembly, there was a Unity Week recap so people would know what would have happened if the week had not been rescheduled.

Lastly, the schools resource officer, Michael Erickson, talked about what we can do to keep the school safe and that the drills students go through matter because it could help if anything were to happen.