SUN Offers New Opportunities



Damein Roache sits at his desk doing some paperwork. SUN offeres new after school opportunities for students.

Adnan Agic, Staff Writer

The CHS Sun Club is having a complete overhaul as Damein Roache steps in as the new person in charge.

Now with Roache in charge there will be new opportunities and classes for students to participate in. The SUN club will also be partnered with college possible, credit recovery, REAP, and jobs 101 to help students out.

Cooking will help students build basic cooking skills in order to improve their abilities. It will also focus on the overall ability to cook and help get students to the fundamental level of cooking to be successful. Some examples of things that will be made are soups, along with crepes and a variety of other things. The course will be held on Mondays from 3:30 to 5:30.

Movement and Body is a class led by Sandra Boggs and it will be a combination of a Zumba and bootcamp class to help get kids active and moving.

Hip Hop Don’t Stop is a class led by Alyssia Holmes and it will primarily be a dance where kids can enjoy and get along while listening to songs they all enjoy.

Tutoring will still be a program at SUN that starts at 2:45 after school and will be students helping other students. It will be overseen by adults primarily by Tarren Sewell and mostly all classes will be able to get tutoring except for chemistry as there are no tutors. If students are interested in being a tutor though they can always come in and sign up.

Art Studio class will be led by Janice Yang every Wednesday from 3-5 pm. In this class students will learn how to use a variety of art mediums and have freedom to create any types of artwork they want. All art supplies will be provided.

SUN opportunities change often; students are encouraged to stop by the SUN Board outside room 145  for the most current offerings.