Eagle EXPO



Sofi Carver does an art project during the Eagle EXPO.

Last week, Centennial hosted the first Eagle Expo, an updated form of conferences.  Various departments, classes, clubs, sports, and activities showed off what they have done this year, and what events they are looking forward too.   The general consensus is that the event was wildly successful.

Rowena Poirier

Brian Koll and Tabarek Al Saood

Ben Peterson and Muang Hoih

Michael Wohlers

 Sarah Ali and Katee Early

Oscar Reyes, Olivia Harms and Jael Calloway

Madison Mchone, Deserae Andrews and Litizi Bautista

Centennial High School Choir

Jacob Bean, Katy Holk, Henry Dobesh and Heidi Gurney

Matt Rockwell and Megan Ackerman