Every 15 Minutes Returns after Break



Students from last year’s SADD event participate in Every 15 Minutes, which simulates deaths from destructive decisions.

Every 15 minutes, also known as SADD was brought to Centennial in order to make kids aware of the consequences that making a destructive decisions like drinking and driving can lead to.

Every year,  seniors apply and 25 are chosen to be a part of this group through April 12-14. They are asked a series of questions like, “Why would you like to participate?” “How would it impact your peers?”.

According to receptionist  Shelley Johnson & activity director Ehren Schneider, they try to pick a diverse  group, not just popular kids. They want students who will have an impact on other students. “It’s a really wonderful program, it doesn’t matter what happened,but what you voice out to your peers,” said Johnson.
  On the day  of the event students are pulled out of class, given a red rose, paint their face white and their eyes black, and wear a black gown to mimic the dead. All 25 students will walk around school dressed in their black gowns and painted faces. Each student will have a memorial in front of the showcase box.

The 25 students will visit a funeral home and a car crash site. During their trip to a funeral home, they are shown the rooms for the medical examiner (parents come to identify the body), the process of sewing back together certain parts of a body and the makeup put on them. For those who wish to be cremated, their bodies go in a brick “oven”, burned until bones are the only thing left, then grind their bones, and put in a box for their parents.

All students will spend the night at a hotel, write a letter to their parents, and talk with their peers.

On April 13, there will be a mock car crash in the parking lot during 10th period. This event is traditional for the juniors and seniors as one last reminder to make safe decisions.