Hearts of Joy Accepts Donations

Hearts of Joy will accept donations from Feb 1 through Feb 9.  The Hearts of Joy is an association that helps kids who are battling with cancer or any other life-threatening illnesses. National Honors Society had chosen to be a part of this organization because they do really unique and creative things to help kids and families dealing with cancer. Every year NHS students vote one specific organization they should focus fundraising on and CCA has been voted the most 5 years in a row. NHS Adviser Kathy Thiebes said, “I love CCA because it has amazing programs like MyMusicRx which funds all sorts of cool music activities for children with cancer who are in the hospital such as bedside sing-a-longs, concerts by well-known artists, music carts with instruments and karaoke and so on.  The organization also funds a program called Chemo Pal where they match children up with volunteers who keep them company during chemotherapy.”

This is the third year NHS has been a part of this organization. Last year they raised $570. Thiebes is hoping to raise at least $700 this year.

NHS will be selling hearts with pieces of candies for $1 and $5, If you are interested in donating you can donate to any NHS member or Thiebes in room 138. They will also be selling hearts during sports events.