Speech & Debate Dec. 5th Competition @ Clackamas Recap

There were enough competitors at the Beginners Speech & Debate competition on Dec. 5th for the top 3 participants in each debate to qualify for state in their county.


Speech & Debate is a great way to build up team effort, they all help each other out while pulling in new people.


Alumni just can’t get enough! Logan Clark and Cristian Boanca come back every week to visit and help the Speech & Debate group practice their skills.


Two students from Centennial placed, and two finaled.  


-Freshman Miki (Mickey) Moua (Moo Ahh) placed 3rd in Novice Prose


-Sophomore Emma Dobesch (Doe ba sh) broke the top five for Novice Extemporaneous


-Sophomore Emily Cope finaled in Novice Oratory


-Senior Brandon Czel finaled in Impromptu