Holiday Break Must-See Movies

Winter break starts on December 19 and ends on January 4. It’s a two week break which means catching up with sleep, staying up late and relaxing over the break. Some of you students may already be counting down until that day comes. I mean, who isn’t? We all could use a break.

If you are a big fan of watching movies or have no plans at all, here is a list of holiday movies, upcoming and top movies you should see.

Popular movie releases:

  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Action) – December 18th
  2. Sisters (Comedy) – December 18th
  3. Extraction (Thriller)  – December 18th
  4. Daddy’s Home (Comedy) – December 25th
  5. Joy (Drama) – December 25th
  6. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (Sequel)  – December 18th
  7. Point Break (Crime/Thriller) – December 24th
  8. The Big Short (Drama) – December 23rd
  9. Concussion (Sport/Drama) – December 25th
  10. The Relevant (Drama/Thriller) – December 25th

We all know tickets are already sold out for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and every theater will be packed over the weekend. As for Michelle, she might try watching all of the movies listed above. However, Alexus is shooting for watching Sisters over the weekend.

Classic holiday movies to watch over the break:

  1. The Polar Express; is an animated movie that takes you through the magical experience that is taking a train to visit The North Pole.
  2. Home Alone; is about a little boy that wishes to have no family and gets accidentally left behind from a family trip. His joy is cut short when two criminals try to rob his home.
  3. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: The Movie; it is up to Santa’s most famous reindeer to save the day when an evil queen conjures up a storm on Christmas Day.
  4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas; is Alexus’ personal favorite (the one with Jim Carrey, and not the cartoon). It is about The Grinch who hates Christmas, and meets a little girl who is confused about the meaning of Christmas.
  5. Christmas with the Kranks; revolves around Nora and Luther who decided to put their enthusiasm for the holidays aside for a tropical cruise since their daughter is gone in Peru. Suddenly, she decided to come home and celebrate the holiday at the last minute.
  6. The Santa Clause; when a man named Scott accidentally kills Santa on Christmas Eve, Scott then finds himself wearing a suit and magically recruited to take Santa’s place.
  7. Frosty The Snowman; is when a magic hat brings a snowman to life until professor and magician Hinkle wants it back and the temperature to rise which means Frosty will melt and no longer be joyful.
  8. Unaccompanied Minors; when a blizzard moves in and cancels all flights out of Hoover Airport; a group of unaccompanied minors bond while staying in a basement room.
  9. Mickey’s Christmas Carol; the classic Disney animated characters play the roles in this animated retelling of the Charles Dickens masterpiece.
  10. Miracle on 34th Street (1994); is a heartwarming story of a girl who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus until she meets the one her mother hired for Macy’s. He believes he is the real Kris Kringle and goes to court to prove it.

Top hit movies must see:

  1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
  2. Inside Out
  3. Crimson Peak
  4. Mad Max: Fury Road
  5. Creed
  6. Trainwreck
  7. Ant-man
  8. Maze Runner: Scorch Trials
  9. In the Heart of Sea
  10. The Good Dinosaur

Alexus and Michelle both hope you all have a wonderful winter break! Happy Holidays and best wishes to you!