Is School Too Hard?

School is moving at a pace that is too fast for many students to comprehend. It feels like teachers are throwing information at me and expecting me to absorb it all as soon as it hits my face.

School is becoming harder and harder with every year that passes. The administrators are throwing out new information and expecting the districts to catch all of it at once and give it to the schools.  Once the schools get the information, they have to somehow find a way to cram it all into our already jam-packed learning schedule.

I think that the schools need to slow down and introduce new topics to the younger generation instead of expecting the high school students to know it already when we’ve never even heard of it before

When I spoke with Piroska Balogh, Kasey Church, Rob Havrilla, and Justin Rosenblad, they all stated that school isn’t getting too hard but the pace that it’s moving at has quickened, and that might be the reason for mass confusion.   Suzi Gurney has a different opinion, and one that I agree with.  We both believe that there is too much math and the expectations as to what we learn is too high.

I believe that there should be more room for electives in the student schedule to make school more entertaining.  As I spoke with a hand full of teachers I got the same input from all of them, just given in different ways, “Some unique classes that allow students to dig deep… without having to go outside of the school. Reynolds has auto repair. Just more hands on stuff (would be nice). (We) could have like, film class. I would love to see more trade programs here. Maybe adding more arts… Drama should be all day.”
We believe that nothing should be taken out of the school curriculum, it would be helpful if the staff tries to slow down and double check that everyone understands what the they are teaching.  What’s the point of teaching if no one’s learning?