CMS Behaves Badly at CHS Games

Football games are what bring people together the most at Centennial High School. They’re filled with friends, food, and what everyone comes to see: A good football game. Though maybe everyone isn’t there for these reasons. Centennial Middle Schoolers have been a problem at CHS for a while, and people are getting sick of it.

“I try not to pay much attention to it,” says Sophomore Jesus Guerrero, “But they act differently than the rest of us. You can tell who doesn’t go here by the way they act.” If you’ve been to any football game, you could pick the CMS students out of a lineup.

But what can we do about all of this? It turns out Centennial wasn’t the only one having these problems. Dean of Students Greg Melvin, has given ideas that have helped other high schools including David Douglas and Clackamas. He says that the amount of middle schoolers dropped tremendously because they don’t want to act the same way around their parents.

Elementary or middle school students have to be accompanied by an adult to get into football games. “It’s absolutely helped those two schools,” Melvin says. Another thing you might not have known is that they can get into the games for free. Melvin believes that all elementary and middle school students should pay to lessen the problem.

If Centennial takes these steps, then they might be able to control the games better with less people involved.