SBAC Test Scores Published

Oregon School Report Cards were made public on October 15. The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Test Scores were evaluated, giving intuition on the development of three major subjects–math, reading and writing–for the juniors tested.

In order to classify achievement, tests are scored on a 1-4 basis.:

Level 1: Student does not meet the common core standards;

Level 2: Student is ready to graduate high school;

Levels 3-4: Student is college ready.

Laura Scully, Vice Principal, mentioned that certain cut-offs are included in this test that will either allow students to graduate from high school or not graduate. For instance, students that are planning on graduating from high school must score between 2543 and 2627 in Mathematics. “Nonetheless, if a student does not pass there are opportunities for retesting senior year or work samples will be used in replacement for lost points,” said Scully.

CHS overall had higher scores than the state average. In English Language Arts, the student body had an average of 78% on Level 3-4, comparing to the state average of 66.5% on Level 3-4. Also David Douglas High School and Reynolds High School didn’t have scores as high as CHS students.  Reynolds students had an average score of 49% on Level 3-4 in English Language Arts and David Douglas students averaged out 58.8%.