Auditorium Makeover


Abundant Life Church member, Phil Burke, paints auditorium.

Over the summer the auditorium lobby finally had its chance of being remodeled and started with the year with a fresh look.

Drama teacher Kelli McCarty was impressed by how magnificent the lobby looked and loved that there was a T.V. hanging on the wall by the entrance to the auditorium. McCarty shared, “The lobby is wonderful and I don’t really miss the old lobby at all.” She stated the band, drama, and choir department will choose and decide on an inspiring quote to use in the theater lobby.

Abundant Life Church participated and helped out by remodeling the lobby in late August. Powell Paint business donated 150 gallons of paint, the monitors were donated by a parishioner of Abundant Life, the designs were created by worship pastor’s assistant and the wood frames were donated as well. However, the price for the church was low.

Nancy Finsass from Lynch Meadows Elementary School contacted Abundant Life Church for a meeting at the elementary school to deliberate the needs and condition of the school. The job grew to the Middle school and needed 1,000 people to help out.

Jeff Boxell, Pastor of Involvement and Outreach was in charge of the overall project. Boxell said, “After that, I was contacted by Vice Principal Mark Porterfield about taking some projects at the high school. We committed our student ministry team to this project.” It was thoughtful to know they dedicated themselves by helping out at Lynch Meadows, Centennial Middle School, and Centennial High School.

Pastor Dave Proehl was put in charge for the high school auditorium project. Proehl has done volunteer work with the drama department in the past and decided to reach out to McCarty about the needs of the theater. McCarty claimed the hall hasn’t redecorated in such a long time and believed it was time for a new change.