Difficulties of a Senior


Here we are once again, at yet another conclusion of a scholar year. But for some it’s their last. As the class of 2023 is currently in their last few weeks of school. Some say the last weeks of school for a senior are some of the toughest. But normally how does a day go for a senior?

Seniors have to battle certain stressors that come with being a senior. Uncertainness of their future, college applications and the financial decisions that often come with college, balancing academics and a social life. It may often feel as if they have no time to relax as they’re juggling many things at once, but once they make it to June they’ll feel proud and ecstatic for the summer.

“It was a bit stressful, I always received a bunch of homework which stressed me out, but I’m excited to have a 3 month break from school. I’m also glad I won’t have to see the annoying younger generations of students,” Xitlali Martinez Nambo, a senior here at CHS. “And I’m happy that I’m graduating with an honors diploma, but also think twice before you take an AP class, especially an AP Math class.”

Everyone wishes the seniors a happy farewell and good luck in their future endeavors. Now that our seniors are graduating, the juniors will get one more step closer towards achieving graduation by repeating the cycle and becoming seniors next year.