Summer Activities


These few months of spring that we’ve had so far were very dark, and not exciting. As we are getting close to the end of the school year, the weather forecast says the next few weeks will be sunny with the temperature ranging from 63-90 degrees. This means we will no longer have depressing days! The sun will be shining with all the bloomed flowers outside surrounding us. Certain activities are now enjoyable, like Portland Japanese Garden, Oaks Amusement Park, and the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. All of these spring activities have to do with the outdoors and how pretty nature is.

This also means there will be a better climate for our sport teams. Softball, baseball, track, and tennis are all spring sports that haven’t really enjoyed the spring because of the weather. In fact, most tennis games were canceled because of the rain. It can be dangerous playing because you could slip. Now, it seems like all of that is over and the season is looking prettier than ever.

In fact, this past Mother’s Day was the hottest it’s ever been. Usually Oregonians celebrate it on a cold day, but this year’s temperature was great.

Additionally , Gresham has new activities opening up in summer including “Music Mondays” starting July 4th. They are evening concerts providing food and beverages, and activities for kids. If you enjoy hiking, there’s trails to check out like Hogan Butte Nature Park. You can even see Mt. Hood when you reach the top.

Beside nature activities, Gresham City Hall also has other youth activities in the summer. You can apply for a summer internship where you get paid! It’s ages 16-24 to be able to apply and there are limited spots. Apply on Gresham’s city official page. There’s even Friday and Saturday basketball night where ages 12-16 can go and practice basketball for free, and play on Friday and saturday. Or, you could join the Youth Advisory Council where you help out the Gresham community, but you need to submit an application first.