Weapon Safety


Co Phan, Writer

Weapon safety is a serious topic in society and many states and countries are trying their hardest to keep everyone safe. By trying to vote on laws to keep the amount of eligible people or overall banning weapons. Having a weapon in the premises can cause many incidents to occur, these could be either purposeful or accidental. And with the rise of school and police shootings many are questioning the use of weapons and what they are truly for.
The staff and students of Centennial High School give their feelings about weapon safety, and their personal ideas on how to stop weapon endangerment. Some people that might give an appropriate response are Mx. Muth, Mr. Mei, Principle Miller, 3 students, and one security guard, Grant. With the combination of all these people’s voices, we can understand that the feeling the people see are undeniably dangerous to everyone.

They all agreed that even if we forced a ban or restrictions on weapons in society, it will cause a bigger uproar and more problems escalating situations with weapons, which could lead to a huge division between people. All of these complications can also lead to people getting more unregistered and illegal weapons out on the street, and with so many already happening the increase of this can be very dangerous to all of us. People like Grant Preuitt were one of the many that said he had seen many cases of 3D printed weapons and ghost weapons being found and being made near our city, and this was discovered a couple of months ago. Handmade weapons were always a thing, but nowadays we have made it so much easier to obtain certain resources and material that it’ll be a never ending battle. Even if all these other problems weren’t as bad, we made it much harder in Oregon for people to obtain weapons by passing Measure 114, which has made our state a bit safer in terms of who gets to have possession of a firearm.

In 2022, the amount of school shootings that have happened are starting to overlap all other years, and this may be happening more frequently because of the easy access of getting your hands on a firearm and the standings of society on social media. This year was one of the deadliest with around 35 school shootings and counting, which we can try to prevent by getting more laws to pass and much stricter standings like banning weapons entirely, or forcing a recall on all weapons. Many people hope to have weapons be banned because many other countries prosper from a no weapon policy and have lower crime rates then us.
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