Principal Miller Making a Difference


Ever since Mr. Miller became the principal of Centennial High, things are changing. Centennial has become more strict and better compared to last year. For example, many students used to skip whenever they felt like it, students could chill in the halls or the library if they didn’t want to go to class. There were never hall sweeps, fights broke out and students were allowed to leave school campus during lunches. But now, everything is different. Mr. Miller chose to make a difference when he took the opportunity to become principal.

There are a lot of new things going on at Centennial High. There’s security either guarding the halls or the doors. You always need a pass with you in the halls. We do hall sweeps, there’s security sound alarms on every door in the school & only juniors and seniors are allowed to leave school campus during lunch hours. In order to leave they must have a pass from the main office.

Mr. Miller made a lot of changes in Centennial High, he’s doing his job really well! We practiced a lot of drills: fire drills, earthquake drills, target in the building drills, etc. Student skipping rates are lower compared to last year. I’d like to give a big thank you to Mr. Miller because if it wasn’t for him, nothing would have changed. Not only did Mr. Miller show us that he cares for our education & the school community, but he also cares for our safety.