Concession Stands at CHS


The concession stand has been around here for a while now. They’ve opened up during gaming events and have people volunteer to help out the school and also earn hours for clubs. I’ve always wondered what it felt like to help out at the concession stand because to me it sounded like work because I know people are in the back making and serving food for people.

I did have an experience of what it’s like volunteering in the concession stands. It wasn’t bad because we had enough people who had different job positions of what we’re managing to serve and doing the register. 

Today, I interviewed Anne. She is a coordinator at the concession stands. 

First question I asked her was, “How long has this concession stand been running?” she responded, “Concessions at CHS have probably been around longer than I’ve been alive. A long time! However, I do know they’ve finally opened back up to full capacity since COVID19.”

Second question, “Do you like running the concession stands?” she responded, “I love running the concession stands. Seeing and getting to know all of the students, along with getting to know all of my volunteers brings me so much joy. Being the Concessions Coordinator is basically a full-time job. Shopping and stocking for all three stands, indoor, outdoor, outdoor visitors is a constant hustle. I work full-time already, so I’m running to stores on my lunch breaks and stocking after work and in- between games. You guys are worth it!”

Third question, “Who’s your partner who helps you run the concessions?”

“I have three main helpers right now. These wonderful ladies are also Board members of our Centennial High School Booster Club. Rafferty Morris is our treasurer, Norma Tello is our Volunteer Coordinator, and Heidi Williams is our President. Rafferty helps me on nights the Booster Club is running concessions. Her and I have also been able to open up at the Youth Football games on Saturday mornings. She also helps me pick up misc. food items when needed as well. Norma, and her son, Emanuel, have been super-involved. Emanuel is in many clubs and sports, so Norma has been one of the adults to help when his activity signs up. We’re always looking for more parents’ helpers too. Heidi is my go to for any fill in help I need. She’s picked up pizza on game days, printed out fliers for the spirit gear and has also helped run concessions on nights that cheer/booster have signed up.”

Fourth question, How do you guys feel about running the concession stands during game days? “Excited. Most of us worked full time jobs, so we run over to the school and opened up as soon as we could. Sometimes, we can open up for the JV games that plays before if time allows.”

Fifth question, “I heard you guys have different clubs from the school to volunteer here at the concession stand, how does that work to let their club help out? And where does the money go?”  “Any CHS Clubs, sports or activities can sign up to volunteer for concessions! We need at least two adults and then 2-6 students, depending on the night. When a group volunteers, they earn $100 for the evening, plus %10 of sales. If a football night makes $2,000 in sales, a club could walk away with $300! These funds are generated from the Booster Club and are paid out at the end of each sport season. If your group would like to sign  up, email us at [email protected]. 

Last question, “Who’s been here the most volunteering to help here this year?”
“So many. My main groups have been Key Club, Tennis, Film Club, Cheer, Wrestling and Booster Club. Many students and adults are involved in multiple groups, so I get to see all those wonderful helpers often. Special shout-outs to Rafferty, Paige, Norma, Emanuel, Brandi, Chelsey, Amy, Junior, Kayla, Juliana, Olivia, Maddy. I know there are so many more, but I’m still learning names. I appreciate all of you!” 

That’s all the questions with Anne you guys. If you’re in any clubs at the school and are interested to help out your clubs and school with anything you need in your club let Anne know or email them at [email protected] for volunteering.