Why Don’t the Vending Machines Work?

Amy Nguyen, Writer

Everyday the vending machines turn off while we are in class and open when it’s lunch and after school, but is there a reason we aren’t allowed to get snacks and drinks during class? Sometimes we need snacks or something to drink. I asked  students and staff about how they felt about the vending machines not being open.

Many said the same things like better opinions and might as well keep them open during the day and not turn them off at all so we can get snacks when we feel like it.

 “I think that we need to update them so they stop taking our money and we also need some better selections”- Violette Price (sophomore).

  Of course we can have limited time during class, but sometimes we need them and they don’t work. I also got an interview with one of our security members, Josh Ruvalcaba.  He said, 

“We don’t have them open during class because last year many students would use them as an excuse to skip class, unfortunately, so now they are open in the morning before 8:10, lunch 11 to 12, and after school.”-Ruvalcaba

 I also asked him about the money intake issues students complained about and, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it when it comes to the electric stuff but Ross Cottrell , who is in charge of the vending machines, is doing his best to accommodate the students who did get their money taken. 

 I don’t think the vending machines will get any better for now, but who knows maybe we will finally get what we want later on in the future.