Alpha Males and Their Toxic Masculinity

Emina Hergic, Assistant Editor

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of coming across “dominant hierarchy” content on Tik Tok, or YouTube you’ve probably encountered the glorified and self-proclaimed ‘Alpha Male’. The Alpha Male is typically perceived as being superior to women, having a high societal position, and of course power. Because what would powerless insecure men be without having the satisfaction of formulating misogynistic, sexist, and racist narratives on the internet based on, you guessed it, negative experiences with women. Posting this content in hopes of receiving validating feedback & responses from other delusional members of the male species provides them with a sense of competence. 

The premise of being an Alpha Male is basically degrading women to essentially “empower” men. Alpha males also share the same morals which are based on obsolete and narrowed views/principles. This community practically thrives off of criticizing females, anything correlated to feminism, and generalizes women as one category, which is inherently inferior to Alpha Males. The Alpha Male is to be respected, and women are to be viewed as disdain and are portrayed as unequal. Alpha Males engage in ethically defective behavior at the expense of women’s respect. With popularized podcasts rapidly spreading and misinforming other men, in addition to the rise of Andrew Tate, the Alpha Male community continues to speak upon the purpose of a woman, the idealization of women, and women’s autonomy. 

Alpha Men also share the common connotation that their personal views are seemingly in the best interest of a woman, and for some completely irrational reason, these men also seem to believe that women find these imbalanced and revolting beliefs or behaviors attractive. According to the Alpha Male, if a woman is “traditional ” she will have no issue accepting the practices of an Alpha Male. Alpha Men take advantage of the fact that yes, to an adequate degree, women may essentially need men for reproductive purposes, but this point is arguably exaggerated in podcasts and Alpha Male content, and is used to convey that women and their bodies are to be owned by men. Simultaneously forming the portrayal that women must be submissive to men. 

Furthermore, this obscured perception of traditionality fails to address that not every woman has the desire to achieve the same goal, which Alpha Men assume to be marriage or having children. Alpha Males strongly believe that if a woman doesn’t have this desire, and wants to establish a career that she is expected to make sacrifices that impose benefits on only the Alpha Male. These are just a few examples of what these Alpha discussions and beliefs consist of. Other subjects discussed in podcasts or YouTube content include reactions to a woman’s appearance, how to treat a woman, rants about how men carry the weight of the entire relationship, and complaints regarding women who can’t cook. All of which I would not recommend engaging with, as it is highly misdirecting.

In this ‘manosphere’, women will never be completely seen as human, and in an unjust world nothing will ever be equitably balanced between men and women, particularly when anything even slightly representing or correlating to femininity is frowned upon by Alpha Males. With that being said, it’s crucial that the spread of Alpha Males and their content is put to a halt. Especially when this content is fueling false idealizations and emphasizing the mistreatment of women.