What Happened to Powderpuff?


With a lot of school events coming up to end the year, one event in particular that many people were looking forward to was Powderpuff. To those of you who don’t know, Powderpuff is an annual tradition in high school that puts the junior, & senior classes in a fun game of flag football or touch football. In other words it’s a switched gender role Friday night lights game.

So how much effort was put into organizing the event? When I asked Mr. Mei, the teacher in charge of student council planned events he said, “So our committee was spending a lot of effort trying to go out to recruit juniors, & seniors as well. The senior class was more hyped about it, but the juniors were the class that we needed more people from because only six signed up. We put it up in the announcements a few times, we’ve had our juniors go out to try to reach out to juniors, to get to recruit them. A lot of them had never turned in their application: we had seen a lot of juniors pick up the application, but never turned it in. So in the end we only had six juniors, so we couldn’t make a team with that.”

Would you say that it was mostly cheerleaders or players that turned in their applications?
“It was mostly senior girls that turned it in, but also senior cheerleaders did, but not a whole lot.”

Do you think this would affect next year or the upcoming year if it was ever organized again?
“So for next year because homecoming will happen full on next year, it is unlikely this year because of COVID restrictions, & I think part of that is what killed the excitement for it, because it was meant to build up for homecoming. With homecoming already passed this year some people were like – it wasn’t the feel for Powderpuff at this time of year. So for next year I expect a lot more participation, because we’ll be able to use it as a build up to Homecoming.”

Would you say with Powderpuff happening at the end of the school year that it was maybe rushed?
“It could be a reason, we also know that we have a lot of events in May like He-Man volleyball, & we have the Multicultural event which Mr. Perez is putting together. There is also the spring musical that Mrs. McCarty & the theater put together, there will maybe be a talent show, organizing a pageant, & lastly prom so there were a lot of events going on during this month so yeah it was definitely rushed.”

In my research, even with coming back from online school people still seem unsure about participating in any school events, regardless of a lot of people wanting to come back to socialize or enjoy the high school life.