A Fresh Coat of Paint


On Wednesday April 26th and Thursday April 27th, the design committee along with some volunteers painted the science hallway, the weight room hallway, and the cafeteria, all in an off white color. They aren’t done yet as they still have to fully paint those said hallways along with starting to paint the hallways around language arts, counseling, and the community room.

A paint renovation is very important as it can lighten the mood with its vibrant colors. Imagine working in a building that has the same interior look for 25+ years, and everyday you walk into work and feel as if you are stuck in a different era. With a simple paint job you’ll know you’re in the right era as everything feels modern and up to date. Paint jobs are also important because they help hide imperfections, which is effective when you paint the walls for a building that is almost 65 years old and has never had any major renovations. Imperfections in walls include scratches, holes, chipped paint, and faded colors.

“We decided to repaint the school because I was hearing from a lot of students and teachers that they felt like it was really dark and depressing for them,” Mrs. Emma Wood of the design committee stated. “We’re working with Mrs. Wissler”, Mrs. Wissler of the design committee was an interior designer before becoming the culinary arts teacher here at CHS. “Following her advice we wanted to get things back to pretty neutral, like to have a neutral pallet to work with, which is clean and not distracting.”

As of right now, the design committee is currently finishing the north and south hallways and the Native American mural near the gym. So if anybody is interested in helping, please consider contacting a member of the design committee as they are currently accepting volunteers. [email protected]