Vandalism: The New Meta of CHS

Vandalism: The New Meta of CHS

Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

This year at CHS has been an interesting but one of the both funnier and more annoying new trends in our dear school is the vandalism in the school – especially the bathrooms. Now I personally never really use the school bathroom but still I am not blind to the impact of them being closed and I wonder what exactly can we do about it? To find out, I interviewed one of my teachers and friends, John Poestch, to learn the details and how this happened, and what is the school doing to stop this and fix the issue – assuming that they care and will spend the time to try to fix these issues.

On day one of my investigation, I simply walked into one of the few open bathrooms which happens to be near the front door and took a look inside, it was as bad as you expect. Missing soap dispensers seem to be the biggest problem, but it also just comes down to classic destructive vandalism. And with the fact that there is almost no way to catch these criminals we are all punished as a result of their crimes. Now if I was in a position of power in the school and caught the kids I for one would force them to do janitor duty for a month to show them what our janitor staff has to go through every time some kid thinks its funny to do a Tik Tok trend and messing things up for everyone else but I digress. And honestly the bathrooms are only an issue in my US government class. We found that someone had carved a swastika into our table and as a result we all had to do a week of learning about hate groups. And after seeing this I chose to do an interview with the one teacher who had the guts to talk about and give his opinion on this topic John Poestch. I met him in his class before school and he had this to say

Q: When did you become aware of these issues?
Poetsch: “I became aware along with all the other teachers when it started. With all the Tik Tok trends going around it has become a problem.”

Q: How do you think we should go about catching the students who cause these issues?
Poetsch: “Even though a lot of us do not like to snitch it would be helpful if students came forward and told a staff member when they witnessed these things. I would hope that in our country people would tell the authorities when they witness a crime for example if someone is hurt the witnesses should tell the police this is not a murder but still has the same concept.”

Q: Do you think the school is trying to hide these issues from the students?
Poetsch: “I don’t think the school is trying to hide things or bring up irrelevant topics but I do think we could do more as a school to stop these things from happening and spread awareness.”

And that concluded my interview with Poetsch. Now if I was to say I had an idea on how to stop these vandals from wreaking havoc on our school then I would be lying. I have no idea how to stop this destruction or where to start but I am doing what I can do and that is write this article and spread awareness on what is happening in our school as I am but a humble writer. It is my belief that it’s up to our higher ups in the school to help us and make CHS safer one step at a time and I think we all agree a good first step would be stopping the vandalism that is plaguing our school like a cancer. But me writing and saying all this can only go so far so ask you my reader to ask around and mention the issues of vandalism in our school. But as we all know only time will tell if these issues will actually be solved but until then we all will suffer from the effects of this vandalism.