Favorite Dishes at Thanksgiving


When it comes to the holidays everyone has different cultural choices in food. Whether it’s the traditional turkey and mashed potatoes, or non-traditional food like Sushi and Pozole. Every family and every culture is different during these holiday seasons and that is what makes the holidays special. For example, my family every year incorporates Italian and traditional American food into our holiday meals. My mother bakes a ham smothered in walnuts and honey, mixing both the savory aspect of the ham, to the sweetness of the honey and walnuts. This being my favorite dish, every year I look forward to eating it. My father makes a mushroom Risotto with white wine, taking the traditional Risotto of rice and mixing it with mushrooms and a bottle of white wine to give it the tanginess of the wine with the earthy tone of the mushrooms. With a mixed culture of Italian and Irish fare, my family takes pride in the holiday season, making delicious food that could feed an army.

Jared Arenas’s family tradition is a mix of American turkey and mashed potatoes with a spin of Tamales typically handmade by his grandmother and pozole mixed by his Uncle. Pozole is made of dried corn and shredded chicken that melts in your mouth, topped with crispy lettuce, spicy salsa and refreshing cilantro. Tamales are made of sweet chicken with a kick of chili spice, wrapped in a savory dough and corn husk. Jared’s family prides themselves on the holiday season when it comes to making food.

Shannon McIntyre’s holiday food takes on the traditional cuisine around this time, but with a twist. Her brother-in-law makes mashed parsnips that are filled with savory flavor. McIntyre’s family also includes soft-like boiled carrots that melt in your mouth as you take a bite. Her family’s version of cranberry sauce is different from others; homemade sauce that is sweet and savory with a hint of tartness from the cranberries.

Every family and culture has different ways to celebrate the holiday season with food. That is what makes us as a human race beautiful in our traditions, especially with food.