Discrimination: A Reality in Our School?


Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

I have been going to CHS since freshman year. I am a junior now, and in all my years I will say that discrimination is not only a CHS problem, but a problem everywhere here in modern America. I interviewed two of my friends here at CHS to get their take on this topic and here is what they had to say.

My interview was with Ethan Beickel and Brain Hernandez.

Q1: In the years of going to CHS, have you experienced discrimination?
Beickel: “No I have not.”
Hernández: “No.”

Q2: What groups of people do you think are discriminated against the most?
Beickel and Hernandez: “Hispanics get the most punishment from the staff.”

Q3: What would you say to the school board about fixing our discrimination problems?
Beickel: “Stop worrying about things such as politics, and worry about actually helping people.”
Hernandez: “Don’t just talk about racism at an assembly, do something about it.”

Q4: What would you say to someone experiencing discrimination?
Beickel: “Don’t be around ignorant people, hang out with people who respect you.”
Hernandez: “Tell someone about it when it happens.”

Q5: And finally what would you say to someone who is discriminating against someone?
Beickel: “Stop bullying people.”
Hernandez: “Stop being closed minded.”

And with these interviews I wondered at the end, will the school board see this? And will they care enough to do something about it? Only time will tell but I hope this will open some eyes and shine some light on the problems plaguing our school.