A Junior’s Experience with CHS

Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

I have lived in Gresham, Oregon across the street from Meadows Elementary (then known as Lynch Meadows). CMS and CHS are my life. I was a Tiger with Meadows, a Cougar with CMS and I have been an Eagle with CHS ever since freshman year. Being a 17 year old junior, I have experienced a lot with this school, and now I’m writing this a sort of review on how my CHS experience has treated me. The first thing I will say is that I noticed our school’s dress code is a very inconsistent phenomenon. My friend was forced to turn his Grateful Dead t-shirt upside down because it was “drug related,” but I have seen people wear revealing clothes and shirts that say Cheech and Chong on them, and the teachers do nothing. This always frustrates me if you are going to have a dress code at least make it fair and constant and not some kind of guessing game for us students. Another flaw with this school is the lunch. I know it’s just the rules but seriously who wants to have to pick up cold uncooked broccoli and an apple when all they want is a pizza? I only wish they would get us some healthy yet good food and not cold un-seasoned veggies. One of the pros of CHS though is the teaching staff, I have got along and befriended all my teachers whether it was my freshman year Spanish teacher Mrs. Ashbacher, or my marketing teacher this year Mr. Miller. All of my teachers have not only respected me, but have made learning easy and dare I say fun! I also enjoy the fact I live right across the street from the school which always makes it easy to get to. I have also noticed that this school, the TALON group which I joined not too long ago, is full of great people and accepted me with open arms which makes me wish I joined freshman year but I’m glad I did now. In conclusion I will say that even though this school may have its flaws, I have come to appreciate and love CHS and all its wonderful staff members.