First Month of School – M.O.T.S.


Jacqueline Lemus-Govea, Assistant Editor

Everyone is affected by the stresses that come with being involved with in person classes for the first time since the start of the pandemic. But even though the beginning of this school year has been challenging, it is still important to shed light on all the ups and downs that we have faced so far during this 2021-22 school year. Some CHS students and staff have shared what the first month of school was like for them. 

“It was honestly tough. Some people would think that the first month would be easy, but it was tough because of the fact that we’re all coming back from a year and a half long pandemic.” Rose Williams, Junior 

“The first month was pretty fine for me. It’s—in terms of classes, it’s definitely harder, but I do think there’s more things that I enjoy, rather than stuff that I didn’t. Especially clubs and extracurriculars, because I run Film Club, and just—during the quarantine of the class, it was kind of hard to get people motivated. But since now it’s all in-person, [we have] more members; and it’s just more inclusive and it’s really fun. Seeing all your friends in person, all the activities, coming back , it’s really fun, but it is very different because the whole change: masks, there’s so many rules.” Khup Tuang, Junior 

“[The first month of school] was good, a little stressful and confusing, but good.” Kevin Preston, Sophomore 

“Well, [in] the first month I was still trying to adjust to the school, get around my classes. I got lost a lot the first few days, but eventually I found my way around. The teachers were all really nice, they helped me get to my classes.” Emina Hergic, Freshman 

“My first month has been alright. More stressful than I thought, just because sports [have] been tiring me out, so I [fell] a little behind on school work. But other than that, school has been pretty good.” Emily Vang, Sophomore

“My first month of school was alright. I got so much more work and homework than [I] expected. My sleep schedule is terrible and I find myself with no time to do anything. Friend-wise, it’s been pretty good, I made new friends and met so many new people. Hopefully this month is much better!” Ailynn Martinez-Torres, Junior 

“The first month of school has been… hectic. Because [of] the transition between online learning and in-person learning. We have so much more in person events, especially since I’m involved with extracurriculars, like, student council, and K-club. So we had to really plan for homecoming, with the game and hallway decorations and Key Club—all clubs also plan their first meetings, so… balancing school work and social life at the same time is a drastic change coming out of quarantine. But I really like [in person learning] because I get to see everyone and [I get to] experience new things. That’s the amazing part about being in person. I’m just glad to be back.

…. Yes, we’re back in person, but [there are] different rules and restrictions. A lot of the things that I look forward to doing in-person, I can’t do anymore because they don’t allow it. Which kind of makes me sad because it’s my last year of high school, but I hope that with continuing [to have these restrictions] we’ll be able to bring those things back.” Kim Tu, Senior 

“My sleep deprivation got worse as school went on. School work and homework is reasonable, however, it is hard to keep up because of how much time of my day is consumed in school. I feel exhausted in school and when I get home, I’m either so tired that I can’t do homework or anything. School pressure has increased because I wasn’t pressured to make friends last year, but I had to adapt [to] in-person school. Studying has been great, but physically and mentally [I] have been exhausted.“ Lima Popal, Junior 

“The first month of school has been fantastic, because [I’ve] made a lot of new friends and I get to see them everyday.” Kevin Orozco, Sophomore