College is Not Scary!

College is Not Scary!

Betty Fazzolari, Writer

This last week I have been applying for universities and colleges I probably should not be applying for…(I’ve been adulting, as my mother would say). As someone who has not really accepted the fact that they are an adult and growing up I’m here to tell you it’s really not that scary. When people hear the word ‘college’ their hearts start pumping and they start to panic. Let me tell you right now, applying for college is the easiest thing I have ever done. I would even say it’s easier than tying my own shoe. One click here, one click there and boom I have an interview with a college and a tour of a school I applied to for fun. (If I’m being honest, I only applied because the campus is pretty).

Now with that being said the scariest part of applying for college is money and how to afford school without being thousands in debt, to quote the clock app, “I’m never gonna financially recover from this.” Truth is, you won’t. You won’t, that is only if you refuse to get help or apply for scholarships and grants. AKA FREE MONEY!! Everybody loves free money right? I know I do… Now you may be asking yourself, “Betty, how do I know which college is the best option for me?” Let me answer that for ya! Apply to every college you think has the prettiest campus! Okay okay, I’ll be real for a sec. Pick a school that somewhat has classes similar to the career you are interested in. With that being said, everyone usually changes their career when they get into school. My advice: pick the school with the prettiest campus.

Most colleges do require an SAT or ACT score… see my class was in a pandemic so I did not qualify for that *wipes sweat off forehead* Thank goodness I escaped that stress. If I were to really discuss the scariest part of applying for schools, I would say the application process for financial aid, FAFSA. AKA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid. With this economy the only way to successfully pay for school is to apply for scholarships and get financial aid. With all this information, there are resources to get help if you are stressed or overwhelmed with college. Here at Centennial we have a program called College Possible. They are an after school program for Juniors and Seniors to help the application process of applying for college. As well as the club, the counselors here at the school are a good resource to use. They can help with any questions one may have regarding college and FAFSA. 

If you feel like college is not your thing that is okay too! If you don’t know what you wanna do after school, that’s okay as well! Not everybody knows what they want to do after school. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed from the idea of college and growing up, I’m here to tell you, you are not alone.