Should We Go Back to School at This Time?

Covid-19 has impacted many things in student lives from hanging out with friends to not being able to go to restaurants, but the one huge thing that’s been changed is school. 


Recently the topic of being able to go back to in person school and classes has come up and that raises the question:

Should we go back to school at this time?


Tavifa Krongart grade 10 “I’ll be very content when we finally get to go back to school because it feels different not being in school. [I want] to go back to how it was before.”


Laci Miller grade 11 “I would not want to go back to school at this point because it is not long until summer and I would just rather come back to school when I am officially a senior.”


Jaeda Fung grade 11 “The school year is about to end so I think that there would be no point in returning to school. Distance learning is a safer option than going to school during covid but I understand that for some people, online school can be much harder and more stressful.”


May Rah grade 9 “I think going back to school right now won’t be good because people are already used to doing distance learning and if we do go back I think it would be very confusing for new people, like freshmen who don’t even know their way around school. Another thing is distance learning has been going very smoothly for me and I’ve got used to doing assignments online. I just think we will waste lots of time just getting used to going back in person.”


Esther Solomon grade 9 “If I were to return to school this year, I think I would be torn between immensely grateful and slightly disoriented. Because my eyes are growing awfully sensitive due to prolonged exposure to the blue light produced by screens, I truly do wish to be able to return to regular school. Another blessing of returning to school would be the human interaction, which, although I occasionally do not appreciate, is extremely healthy for the human mind, and yet another is the ability to do the genuine labs normally offered in science courses. However, a part of me remains set on finishing out the school year in the same way that it began; I would rather not have to experience first-day-of-school déjà vu until, well, the first day of school.”


Kaylee Fornshell grade 10 “I would 100% choose the option to be able to go to school because I miss the ability to learn better and to actually experience high school in person rather than online.”


Nelvin Nguyen grade 12 “Returning to school would be a huge relief towards my work ethic as I would be in an environment where I would not be able to take the 30-40 minute nap I would take at home after each class. Senior year is a struggle for me especially with online school because I’m always in a need for motivation to do good in school. Grades don’t seem as important when you work from home. Also, I’m sure everyone could say they would love to meet their friends or talk to new people.” 


Shayli Rodriguez Contreras grade 10 “I’m hoping That Centennial goes back, even though I know it’s scary.”


Tina Mai grade 9 “I think we should just finish online unless everyone can go back for most of the week like at least 4 days a week.”


Noah Chao grade 12 “I think going back to school is a very good idea even though we stay in distance learning. Just going back to school and seeing people would make my senior year.”


Trung Nguyen grade 11 “I think returning to school now is not a good idea because it is almost the end of school. I think we should get back next year.” 


Zawadi Patrick grade 12 “I will feel very happy to go back to school again, and I will enjoy it. I can see my teacher again face to face with my friend.”