Will You Get the Vaccine?

How do you feel about the COVID-19 Vaccine? Will you get it? Why or why not?

As we all know, this virus has affected all of our lives greatly. Some of us didn’t get a highschool graduation, some of us lost our jobs, some of us lost loved ones. It has been hard for all of us as we are still dealing with it. However the future is looking bright with the many COVID-19 Vaccines becoming available to the public. Many students at Centennial High School have had their different opinions about the vaccine and I am here to share.


Many Students were asked the same question, “How do you feel about the COVID-19 Vaccine? Will you get it? Why or why not? Here are some of their opinions.


Kaylee Fornshell Grade 10

“Personally, I don’t think I will get the vaccine. i’ve heard and seen a lot of things not just on social media, but a lot of other platforms. I don’t think I’d want to get it unless I know for sure that it works and that it’s healthy before I put it in my body.”

Cameron Stark Grade 11

 “I feel like the COVID vaccine is still too soon and they need to make sure it is okay to put in our bodies. I will probably not take it but if I have to I will, if that means we can go back to normal living and go back to school and play sports.”

Jonathan Simpson Grade 12

“I don’t know much about it to have an opinion but almost every time I hear about it has been negative, I’m personally not going to get it not due to the media saying it’s bad but what exactly does it do for me? It would be just like getting a glue shot and still getting the glue, it  would also just take time out of my day that I don’t have.”

Rylee Lautenschlager Grade 11

“I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about it, especially with side effects or sickness after. A lot of people my age have had bad reactions to it, but older people not so much. But I will most likely end up getting it so I can visit my grandparents.”


Bella Barringer Grade 11

 “I think the vaccine should be good for everyone, my mom took it and she’s fine. I will get it as soon as we’re allowed to. I want life to go back to normal as fast as possible.”

Jimmy Wilson Grade 10

“I feel like it’s over dramatic but ima get the vaccine for the bois.”

Eric Sayarath Grade 11

  “I support the vaccine and there should be more of them coming out.”

Alexi Howard Grade 11

“To be honest I don’t know enough about how the vaccine was made to give my full opinion on it. I’ve seen a lot of people that I know get it and have no problems, but honestly I think it just depends on the person and how they react to the vaccine. If I could get it, I probably would, but it would take lots of consideration.”

Khmeron Muongvang Grade 11

“Well I don’t know really but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a good thing for us, I’ll probably get it sooner or later because it’s better I take the damage then the family.”

Jeremiah Edwards Grade 11

 “I will not be getting the vaccine because my mom doesn’t trust it because we don’t know what it is made of.” 

Reagan Thomas Grade 12

 “I mean I think it’s good that we have a vaccine. and potentially yeah, I’d get one but only after the people who REALLY need it get it. I think it’s stupid how the rich are getting the vaccine when they don’t need it, thus taking away vaccines for essential workers, the elderly, and people who are more susceptible to the virus. It’s not a priority for me to be getting it but potentially if given the option I would get it.”

Ryleigh Green Grade 11

 “I’m glad that there’s a vaccine….little skeptical on how sick it’s making people on the second shot but if it’s positively affecting most people then good, I probably will get it eventually cause I’m guessing it’s going to be required.”