What’s the BQD?


Last Wednesday, the Speech and Debate team hosted its largest-ever fundraiser called the Big Question Debate, or the BQD. It is a type of debate that is hosted like a speech and debate competition. That means that the event consisted of three rounds of debating for each pair of students discussing whether or not “objective morality” exists. 

Objective morality, in the simplest terms, is the idea that everyone has the same morals. For example, everyone believes that killing is bad, some might argue that it is okay to kill an intruder because they would be protecting themselves. Thus, the debate of objective morality.

The competition brought on over 850 debaters and raised over $150 for the team. The money will be used to purchase basic supplies and pay competition fees. 

As for who won the competition, the results go as follows. First place was a team from Barlow, Alyssa Elwell, and Meikelo Cabbage. In second place was Centennial’s team of Jesse Fonseca and Matthew Maillet. In third place was another Barlow team, Eli Leadham and Elizabeth Loeung.

Senior Matthew Maillet, who was a debtor says, “I really enjoyed debating. It was an interesting case and I met a lot of strong debaters.” 

So now we wish them luck as they start competing at Districts in a month from now.