Top 10 Talon Articles From 2018-2019 School Year

Top 10 Talon Articles From 2018-2019 School Year

1)Paraplegic Shares His Story:

A hard hitting coming of age story dealing with gangs, violence, and peer pressure. -Edgy


2)Guest Column: Massey Shares His Views On Black History Month:

Looking back at the perseverance of African Americans throughout history. -Informative


3)Paul Opens Up About Teaching Goals:

An honest reflection on life and personal aspirations. Insightful


4)Kue Signs to Wrestle at Ohio State:

Two-time Oregon wrestling champion Phillip Kue committed to Ohio State. -Inspiring


5)Two Side Perspective on Abortions:

Abortions respectfully covered by both sides. -Controversial


6)Gender Neutral Restrooms:

An Informative piece on a controversial topic.  -Thought Provoking


7)Top 10 Snacks:

A list of the best snacks that will leave your mouth watering. -Fun


8)Top Memes of 2018:

A unique take on reflecting the year that can bring back all the cringey and hilarious memes of 2018. –Funny


9)Writer Will Follow Sleep Advice in Feb. & March:

Advice for improving your nights rest and increasing your energy throughout the rest of the day. -Experimental


10)Attendance Statistics:

Statistics from a survey used to determine  attendance and sleep habits. -Factual

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