How Would You Feel About Teachers Being Armed?

Daniella Young, Staff Writer

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In light of the recent shooting that occurred last month in Parkland, Florida, President Donald Trump and his administration suggested the idea of teachers being armed with guns. Here is a sampling of what students, administrators, and teachers had to say about this controversial issue.

“Personally, I don’t think being armed is okay….some teachers make mistakes.”

Ciara Polito, Senior



“I think teachers have enough responsibilities. I would find it overwhelming and stupid.”

Lucas Luther, Junior

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“It’s ridiculous. There should just be more gun laws so the amount of shootings go down. They do more harm than good.”

Ellie Basinski, Sophomore



“I don’t think it’s right. The school should get security for that.”

Isaac Hernandez, Senior



“I think it would be a bad idea; it promotes guns more.”

Georgina Castro, Senior



“I’m against it. It’s a safety issue in itself. We should be thinking about teaching students, and it’s an intimidation factor that’s unnecessary.”

Rob Havrilla, Teacher



“I wouldn’t care, honestly.”

Hannah Whitten, Sophomore



“Yeah, I think it would be okay as long as they are certified.”

Brandon Bilash, Freshman



“I think it’s a bad idea, and I think most teachers would agree with me. The amount of training involved would take months. As a teacher, guns aren’t their priority; police officers make mistakes, even though they are trained.”

Brian Grose, Security Guard



“I think if they were armed it would be a good thing. They would be ready for anything.”

Madison Ramsey, Junior



“I don’t know. I’d be shocked. I wouldn’t come back to school.”

Michelle Haro, Junior



“I would feel very nervous. My expertise and training is not in firearms. It would be a mistake to ask someone who’s not equipped to have that responsibility. It creates so many issues and dangers that it makes no sense.”

Douglas Paul, Teacher

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“I wouldn’t like it; why do they need to be armed?”

Ricardo Salazar, Junior



“I honestly don’t think it’s right.”

Jordann Fagin, Sophomore


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