FBLA Regional Results


(Left to Right): Mathew Vu, Tyler Marston, Brian Chut, Sadie Cochran, Hailey Rosenblad, Becca Crosse, Ava Fischer, Adabell Martinez.

This past weekend, several CHS FBLA members competed at Canby High School to see if they would be one of the individuals that would qualify the Oregon FBLA state conference to be held in April of this year.

1st Place; Coding & Programing – Matthew Vu

1st Place; Global Business – Sadie Cochran & Hailey Rosenblad

1st Place; Graphic Design – Brian Chut

2nd Place; Agribusiness – Ava Fischer

2nd Place; Accounting – Tyler Marston

2nd Place; Political Science – Sadie Cochran

2nd Place; Public Speaking – Tyler Marston

3rd Place; EBusiness – Adabell Martinez & Shea Parker

3rd Place; Public Service Announcement – Becca Crosse & Ava Fischer

3rd Place; Sales Presentation – Hailey Rosenblad

3rd Place; Securities & Investments – Kameron Berry

4th Place; Intro. to Business Presentation – Adabell Martinez, Shea Parker & Matthew Vu

5th Place; Entrepreneurship – Becca Crosse

6th Place; Personal Finance – Kameron Berry

7th Place; Accounting – Brian Chut

8th Place; Hospitality Management – Emilee Pease