Signal Failure: CHS Wifi


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If you’re a regular attendee of CHS you have probably seen these notifications pop up on your screen more times than you’d like; I know I sure have. This isn’t only an inconvenience, but a hindrance for all staff and students to be productive during the so called “work day.” Hah, work? How can you work when everything your work is on doesn’t work. I am honestly surprised that it is even legal, in this day and age, to have such bad wifi in a place of work (and yes, school is also “work”).

At CHS, pretty much everything is run through Google programs because they are most easily accessible for both staff and students. Not using a phone or internet means no G-mail, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Classroom, Google Calendar, or anything else Google produced, including Google itself.  There will be days in class where a teacher will give an assignment on a computer and the computer doesn’t load. The students then, usually, just have to sit in their seats wasting their time and do it as homework later that night. What was the point of even going to class then, huh?

This is something that just can’t simply be ignored; it is a technology world. There’s no way around it. People need computers, phones, internet, and most of all, wifi to get things done. By not having such a thing accessible, people are forced to waste away their day at work and do all their “real” work at home. What a travesty! How dare someone have to do their work at home when they have an entire eight hour day devoted to such “work.” 

In order to get a few things done or use my phone in general, I have to use my data. But, there aren’t many people who have unlimited data. Instead, they have to exceed their minutes and pay the excess charge. Not everyone wants to pay a higher phone bill, so some people just stay off their phones completely until they finally get home. Some might think, “Wow, they’re pretty lucky not having to deal with the constant annoyances of a phone; that must be a nice detox for them.” WRONG! It’s not a detox; it’s a “locked in a basement for several years with no communication with the outside world” type of deal.  

Not only is the lack of wifi horrific for faculty work and classes it is also horrible for The Talon (the student newspaper your reading right now). There are so many students and staff who don’t read The Talon because the internet doesn’t load so people can’t read the articles at school during their breaks. Even publishing the articles can be difficult when the lack of internet causes a mess up in the publishing schedule so people never know when new articles are being released.

This wifi drought needs to end now before people start to jump ship because where there is wifi, there is life. 


“Yeah, the school’s wifi sucks a**,” anonymous.