Finals Schedule


Venessa Kuchenik, Staff Writer

Finals are coming up and quickly.  Beginning on the last Tuesday of January, finals will last three days.  Monday the 27th of that week will be a regular day.  

Tuesday the 28th will be the first day of finals.  School starts at its regular time, 8:10 am.  Students will only take their 1st and 2nd period finals.  Both periods will last an hour and 45 minutes with a 25 minute break in between.  It is an early release day and school will be out by 12:05 pm so make sure to let your parents know if they are your transport after school.

Wednesday the 29th is a regular late start day.  3rd, 4-5th OR 5-6th, and 6-7th OR 7-8th are going to be the final exam periods of the day.  School starts at 9:10 am in your third period. (Again, each class gets an hour and 45 minutes for test taking).  At 10:55 am students are released from their first exam. This is followed by a six minute passing time in which all students located in classrooms from the Library to the Metal Shop will head to 1st lunch, whereas students located in classrooms from the counseling offices to the gym will head to take their next exam (period 4-5 OR 5-6).  All students in 1st lunch get an hour and 45 minutes while their counterparts are taking exams.  At 12:46 pm 1st lunch ends and students have five minutes to get to their next class (period 4-5 OR 6-5).  Students exiting their second exam of the day head to 2nd lunch.  2nd lunch will end at 1:16 pm and ALL students have seven minutes to get to their last final of the day (period 6-7 OR 7-8).  School ends at 3:08 pm.

Thursday the 30th is the last day of finals.  School begins at 8:10 am in your ninth period.  You have an hour and 45 minutes to complete your first exam.  Passing time begins at 9:55 am and ends at 10:20 am. By that time you should be in your 10th period and last final of semester one.  School is released early again at 12:05 pm so be sure to let your parents know.  

Friday the 31st  No school.   

NOTE: Buses will be running during all three days of finals.  Lunch is not provided on Tuesday and Thursday, so bring a snack!  Start studying now so you don’t have to cram the week before.