Fall Sports Senior Recognition

Cross Country:

Jason De Leon

 “When I look back, the one thing I will remember and miss the most (about cross country) is the family bond we created. We went from not even talking to each other, to create some of the most memorable moments that we will take with us in life. Over time, we created a certain atmosphere that was just filled with positivity and love, with a hard work ethic, evidently this season was one for the books.”


Cassidy Huffman

 “I think that overall we had a good season. We had a lot of newcomers, and they showed that they were ready to get after it. I think what Iḿ going to miss the most is the team environment. We all were really close, and they are like a family to me.”



Bailey Sparks 

“I feel like my senior football season was a huge disappointment. But to me it’s not about our record. The biggest thing I will miss is all the summer practices. Every single conditioning drill we did, because when you are out of breath getting ready to puke, you look at the guy next to you and he’s going through the same thing you are. So when you are in the 4th quarter down by 1, you know who you can count on to get the job done. For that is the greatest thing football has taught me. The kids who I’ve played football with since I was in 3rd grade, will be the best thing I got from football. They have been the best friendships. Football has also taught me (to have) a great work ethic and good moral values.”


Kahleed McCallister 

“I will miss all my teammates, my coaches and the Friday night lights. Looking back on the season, it didn’t go the way we wanted it to go, but I still loved playing Eagle football.”



Noel Perez

“I believed it was our year to bring it home, we had a growth mindset since summer trainings. I gave it my all knowing it was my last year, throughout my high school (experience of playing soccer) I went from getting honorable mention and 2nd team all league to getting 1st team all league. It was a dream come true due to the hard work and sacrifice (I put in). I will miss the coaches, my teammates and most of all defending my Centennial Eagles.”


Sarah Nichols 

“I am going to miss the feeling of walking onto the field, the rush of adrenaline. Building the bond of what feels like a second family, having a trusting adult as your coach was the best feeling. Having this be my last season of soccer ever, it is something I would never change.”



Ellie Basinski 

“My senior season was a great one to end on, especially because we had some success. I have been playing with the other seniors for a long time, so I will definitely miss making more funny memories with them next year. Although I am sad to see my volleyball career end after all these years, it will be nice to have part of my summer back.”