Pledge of Allegiance MOS


Madison Sternoff, Staff Writer

The Talon Wants to Know:  Do you stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance?  Why or why not?


Autumn Beck, junior  

“Yes, I do because it is respectful to the country that I live in and it is a tradition in the US.”


Chloie Barker, junior

“No I don’t, because I don’t support this country’s views.”


Emmanuelle Schroeder, junior

 “No I don’t because I don’t agree with giving allegiance to a country that makes decisions that I don’t condone.”


June Dominguez, junior  

“Yes I do because it symbolizes and shows respect to the people who fought for our country.”


Jennifer Morgan, Math Teacher

 “Yes I do because it was what I was raised to do.”


Thomas Young,  Social Studies Teacher 

“Yes because I think it is respectful to the country.”


Logan Harris, junior  

“Yes, because I do it out of respect and I feel honored to do so.”


Georgia Steketee,sophomore  

“Yes because my father is a Vietnam veteran and I do it to give him respect.”


Mary Dejeu, sophomore

“Yes, because everybody does it even though I know why people don’t.”


Daphne Collins, senior  

“Sometimes I don’t because sometimes I’m lazy and don’t want to support America’s decisions.”  


Emma Wood,  English Teacher 

“Yes I do because I like the idea of having something that unifies us.  I stand up for it, but normally don’t say the words.”


Jasper Platt, Senior  

“No because I don’t agree with the views of this country.”


Sam Schuhl, Junior  

“Yes because I do it out of respect.”


Jaxen Price, sophomore  

“Yes because the flag represents the soldiers who fought for me to have the freedoms and rights that I do.”


Emmett Flug, Senior  

“Yes, because I stand for those who gave their lives for our country.”